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ROCK’N TECH is a brazilian blog with dedicated content to youngs and teens, specially for geek public from Brazil, Portugal and other countries with portuguese language. Since 2008, we publish curious, funny and interesting news about geek universe. Our company is made from a group consists of 4 writers and 2 editors. We don’t publish erotic content, discriminatory or harmful content for companies or people. For more information about the ROCK’N TECH blog, including our media participations such as Radio, Magazines and TV, please visit our page “About the Blog”.


Average Visits:

588,544 visits/month. Average of 19,618 visits/day

Average Page Views:

1,798,096 page views/month. Average of 59,936 page views/day

Pages / Visit:

3.06 / visitor.

Avg. Visit Duration:

00:01:31 / visitor.

OBS: Our stats are calculated by Google Analytics. For recent visits reports, please email us at “comercial [at]”.

Formats and Prices:

All the ad-spaces available are also being displayed in this page, in the top, at right sidebar and at bottom (the yellow banners).

Available ad formats (click for zoom)


1. Superbanner 728 x 90 px

Location: In the blog header.
Visualization: FULL – every blog pages.
Price: 200 USD / month.

2. Fullbanners 468 x 60 px. at Top and Bottom (2 ad-places)

Location: At the top and bottom of the posts.
Visualization: FULL – every blog pages.
Price: 200 USD / month (2 ad-places for just 1 price!).

3. Fullbanners 468 x 60 px. in the middle of posts’ content

Location: At the top and bottom of the posts.
Visualization: Only inside the posts.
Price: 300 USD / month.

4. Box 300 x 250 px (static and floating)

Location: At the right sidebar, in a strategic median position. After the last item of sidebar is shown, the banner starts to float, also in a strategic median position.
Visualization: FULL – every blog pages.
Price: 250 USD / month.

NOTE: When you hire a banner, you’re actually hiring “the place” of banner. In every ad-space (Fullbanners, Superbanner or Box) you can ask us to place a unique banner or a group of banners (maximum 5 banners allowed) and the banners will be displayed ramdomly. You can also ask us to program some banner to be displayed more than others, you decides. Remember that if you hire some ad-place, this will be YOUR AD-PLACE, so it only will display YOUR BANNERS. The following file types are allowed: JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, FLV and SWF. Maximum file size allowed: 100 KB.

5. Sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts are special paid posts to help companies to disclose your products, services, store or brands. The texts of these posts can be write for us or for you, but if you choose to write, it will be translated and published in Portuguese language by our editors. The post is fixed and highlighted during 24 h after published. The publication day may be chosen by you. This service includes dissemination across all our social networks channels like Twitter and Facebook Page twice during the day hired and 1 more time at weekend. About the media itens, we accept a limit of 2 video and no more than 5 images (JPG, PNG or GIF). Maximum 1 Sponsored post / week is allowed.
Price: 250 USD / post.


OBS: In appropriateness to the New Google’s regulation, every Sponsored Post published from 2013/05/25 until present don’t receive any kind of “Sponsored” tag or categorization.

Sponsored links placed at Sidebar: We offer this kind of advertisement for a 6 months period or 12 months period. The links are displayed at Sidebar, in the “Links Patrocinados” (Sponsored Links) area, and displayed at home page of blog.
Price: 120 USD / 6 months.
Price: 180 USD / 1 year.

Sponsored links in Posts: Can be placed in posts that was already published or not (except Sponsored Posts from others). If necessary, we can add 1 (one) paragraph at the end of the choosen post, even if the post has already been published. Images insertion are not allowed, because this characterize the post as Sponsored Post. The links are stored during 6 (six) months, after this period a representative will contact you asking if you want to keep the link for plus 6 months.
Price: 100 USD.


7. Sponsored Tweets:

Maximum 1 tweet / week is allowed.
Price: 15 USD.

8. Sponsored Facebook post:

Maximum 1 post / week is allowed.
Price: 25 USD.

IMPORTANT: We don’t work with affiliate campaigns. Please, do not insist.

Payment Methods:

The payment can be done by Paypal transfer. Our Paypal account informations will be informed during negotiation by our representants.

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For more information about our work or about our blog, please contact us through:
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Skype: simonvinicius
Telephone: +55 14 3221 1391

We’ll be glad to help you being part of your success.

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